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Premium replacement QC35...

REVIVE and Refresh your QC35/QC35 II Performance – Like a best friend your QC35/QC35 II headphones have had your back making long flights comfortable, public transport bearable and giving you the ‘Sorry, did not hear you’ card for those unwanted requests. It is time to pay them back the love with some TLC. AHG DESIGN AND QUALITY – Excellent comfort from premium protein leather and a soft high-density foam in ideal dimensions. Seam stitched to increase longevity and a thicker installation rim provides a secure fit with a tighter seal reducing sound leakage. These ear pads will conform to your ears within 1-2 weeks of wearing them; giving you a more personalized fit. QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION - Minimal DIY skills are needed but let’s be honest, this is no match for your level of awesomeness! Detailed written instructions are included, and you can watch our step-by-step video guide to make the process silky smooth. Check out our video on youtube, search for - AHG QC35/QC35 II Ear Pad Installation