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Capture Card Video Recording...

FULL HD 1080p: The Pyle Capture Card Recording System has the ability to record videos or audio files. It records full HD 1080p video quality with an HDMI pass-through support. After recording, it also converts the file into a digital format ONE-CLICK RECORDING: Features an onboard hot button for one-click recording and screenshot capture ability via remote control. Allows you to manage recorded media easily and instantly post to social media like YouTube SAVE FILES INSTANTLY: Introducing no computer or laptops required, instantly save files into USB flash drive and SD memory card readers and other removable external memory. Features MP4 video record format and AAC stereo audio record format

PDU Power Strip Surge...

RELIABLE SURGE PROTECTION: The power supply PDU surge protector strip features 150 joules energy dissipation and 1200 amp peak impulse current to protect your equipment when voltage fluctuates, swell, or spike during storms and power outages 9 OUTLET: Equipped w/ 9 total rear outlets so you can turn one outlet into nine w/ the surge-protector power strip. Has a front power switch that you can use to completely shut off electronics when not in use for power/energy saving ELIMINATES RFI AND EMI: The built-in ac noise filters get rid of unwanted radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) to improve the stability of the equipment and prolong the service life of your electronics at home or office

Pyle 20’’ x 20’’...

20’’ x 20’’ LIGHT BOX: This Real Professional Photography Kit by Pyle features a 20’’ x 20’’ inches specially woven softbox that is heat resistant & 100% nylon fiber mesh diffuser, which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows & reflective glare. FOUR COLOR BACKGROUND: The included Red, White, Blue, & black non reflective polyester fabric background provides for contrast with either dark or light objects, as well as creates an infinite field of depth to max the quality of images. ADJUSTABLE CAMERA STAND: This portable pro photo shoot booth comes with a foldable & fully adjustable camera holder / stand that eliminates jitters & blurs commonly experienced with handheld shots.